About GDPRoute

Are you looking for information on data protection? You are in the right place!

The law is often complicated, unclear, allows for different interpretations and does not provide the easy answers you need in your daily work. 

I created this blog to:

  • explain the applicable law in simple language
  • show the practical application of the GDPR using clear and real-life examples
  • offer secure and reliable solutions to the data protection challenges you face every day at your work or in your business
  • help you understand the data protection regime
  • or exchange views and experiences

With the entry into force of the GDPR and other legal acts, data protection has become an important part of everyday life – it affects offices, companies, various organisations, but also the lives of all of us. 

If you are a person: 

  • appointed to deal with personal data protection in your organisation
  • running a small enterprise (including sole proprietorship)
  • professionally involved in data protection
  • or simply passionate about privacy protection

then I am running this blog just for you!

Personal data protection is my passion, which I want to share especially with those people who need answers to their questions and, mainly for organisational or financial reasons, are not able to participate in paid trainings or use services of professional law firms or consulting companies. 

Access to the materials that I publish here is free and you can use them – this is what they were created for 🙂 

Feel free to read, ask questions and contact me!

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